Bojangles’ Experiential

People love Bojangles’. In fact, they love Bojangles’ so much that we’ve found that some of the best content comes from customer reactions. That’s why we let customers speak for us and tell the Bojangles’ story in two extremely frustrating places: the airport baggage claim and a college campus during final exams.

We helped Bojangles’ welcome Charlotteans home the best way we knew how: with chicken. This digital video captured over 1.7 million views. In the first week.

College kids hate studying. They hate deadlines. And they really hate final exams. But, as we found out, college kids love when they are rewarded for all their hard work with free Bojangles’.

Vending machine food is notorious for being stale, unsatisfying and overall, pretty lame. But we decided to change that. We surprised unsuspecting laundromat customers with a new kind of vending machine: one that dispenses made-from-scratch Bojangles’ food. Oh, and iced tea. 

We offer a 401(k), and, more importantly, a 401(k)eg.