Bojangles’ Tailgating

Every fall, millions of Americans engage in a cultural rite of passage—they set up tents, corn hole boards and amazing food spreads in parking lots all over the country. Knowing that tailgating is the social center of game days, BooneOakley set out to prove that you can’t throw a great tailgate party without Bojangles’.

Instead of making ads about what it’s like to tailgate with Bojangles’, we helped Bojangles’ become the official sponsor of tailgating. Bonus: We got to drink beer and play corn hole at colleges all over the southeast.

In our “Better with Bojangles’” campaign we created two digital videos that proves tailgating with Bojangles’ is easy. Tailgating with other food? You’re just trying too hard.

In our “Tailgate Everything” campaign we proved that tailgates don’t need to be limited to an event before football games. With the Bojangles’ Big Bo Box, it’s easy to tailgate everything life throws at you.

Work with us, you will.