Bojangles’ TV

Bojangles’ selected BooneOakley as their agency of record in 2010. At the time, their sales were plateauing and their creative campaigns had grown stale. Our mission? Re-energize the brand.

While digging through research we hit on a key customer insight: People crave Bojangles’. And when the craving strikes, they have to have it.

We landed on three little words that perfectly conveyed this: It’s Bo Time.

We introduced “It’s Bo Time” with our “Mime” and “Funeral” TV spots and continue to create work under the “It’s Bo Time” umbrella to this day.

The results?

Bojangles’ has grown from 460 restaurants at the beginning of 2010 to over 680 restaurants today. That’s pretty good for just three little words.

All other trophies pale in comparison to the BooneOakley Bowl trophy.