• David Oakley President, Creative Director, Parking Attendant

    Dave began his ad career in New York and soon became Associate Creative Director at The Martin Agency for Kellogg’s, Wrangler, Alltel, Saab and the Charlotte Hornets. Under Dave's leadership, BooneOakley has gained an international reputation for developing provocative ideas that get noticed, talked about and shared.

  • Claire Oakley Director of Account Services

    Claire has worked at BooneOakley since 2001 and is Director of Client Services, Human Resource Director and Agency Mother. She fosters client relationships and makes sure every campaign is strategically sound, meets business objectives and creates a strong emotional response.

  • Jim Mountjoy Director of EYE

    Jim brings his creative chops and love for strategy to EYE–BooneOakley's creative lab that uncovers emergent opportunities and gives brands an unfair advantage. Before becoming Director of EYE, Jim was a partner at Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy where he helped direct and develop communications for brands such as Cargill, Duke Energy, Georgia-Pacific, Verbatim, Velux, Cooper Tools and Mannington.

  • Laura Wallace Account Director/Business Development

    Laura has been with BooneOakley since 2010 and has over 15 years of agency experience. With her background in the restaurant, sports, entertainment, destination, healthcare and education industries, Laura excels at being an extension of her clients’ marketing teams to create innovative, results-driven campaigns.

  • Walter Director of Accounts Retrievable

    Walter has worked at BooneOakley since 2017 and has over 4 years (28 dog years) of agency experience. Walter holds a Masters of Buttscratches from the University of California, Barkeley and he excels at greeting clients, sniffing agency trash cans and being a very good boy.

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