Bojangles’ User Experience

Every brand wants to connect with “Millennials.” But when it comes to Bojangles’, the brand truly does appeal to this young demographic. And with their very own emoji keyboard, an interactive site and hilarious pre-roll, Bojangles’ has succeeded in engaging this hard-to-impress group.

Have you heard? Long gone are “LOL” and other texting abbreviations. The cool kids are all about communicating in a whole new language: emoji. But instead of hopping on the emoji band wagon, we helped Bojangles’ create a mobile language that represents real life situations that their fans already communicate about via text. With over 50,000 downloads, Bomoji is now being used to communicate hunger, happiness and love all over the southeast.

Unfortunately, not everything can be communicated with Bomojis. Like Bojangles’ biscuit making process, for instance. Bojangles’ interactive site,, allows users to explore the 48-step process which we brought to life with beautiful photography and dynamic video (shot in-house).

Our Bojangler digital video helped communicate the arrival of a new fish sandwich to Bojangles’ restaurants. This new menu addition was very surprising for loyal fans. Even more surprising? The number of fish puns we were able cram into a shortish video.

To further communicate how easy it is to tailgate with Bojangles’, we created a series of tailgate recipes to give customers another reason to go to Bojangles’ during tailgating season (since they don’t sell beer).

All other trophies pale in comparison to the BooneOakley Bowl trophy.