Dukes Bread

These days it seems like everybody is going low-carb or, God forbid, no-carb and cutting out the best food on the planet: Bread. All these diet-fad followers are forgetting one very important fact: Bread is delicious. We couldn’t stand idly by and let this continue to happen. Bread is tasty, and no one around here makes bread as tasty as Dukes.

Our print ads and posters for Dukes Bread came to life by photographing the bread in-house and then getting some help from our friends at Hac Job to perfect our flour-writing. We’re pretty pumped at the result. Plus, it’s not every day you get a client who’s ok with putting the word “fuck” on their product.

Featured in:

2018 Communication Arts Advertising Annual / 2018 Lürzer’s Archive / Communication Arts Exhibit / Lürzer’s Archive Print Ad of the Week

We incorporated The Line’s playful brand personality throughout the site with interactive features such as a homepage day/night toggle (we prefer night), a custom South End hover map and construction time-lapse.

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