Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn didn’t need a brand refresh. They needed a full brand overhaul. First, we helped them craft a new, focused brand position with a simple promise–to be the best pizza buffet experience in the land.

Our next challenge was to visually pay homage to the brand’s nostalgic roots, while helping them not get stuck in the past.

Pizza Inn’s new identity shows off their bold confidence mixed with their warm and welcoming environment as America’s Hometown Pizza Buffet. And, most importantly, we gave JoJo his own refresh to make him the coolest pizza buffet mascot in the world.

We incorporated The Line’s playful brand personality throughout the site with interactive features such as a homepage day/night toggle (we prefer night), a custom South End hover map and construction time-lapse.

David Oakley has been to Vegas 21 times. All were “business” trips.