Wells Fargo Championship

Most people think of the Wells Fargo Championship as a snooty golf event for old, rich people. But in reality, good food, beer tents and a young crowd make this golf tournament fun—no matter what your tax bracket.

That’s why we changed the tournament’s target, strategy and tagline.

The Wells Fargo Championship became “The most prestigious place to have fun.”

We encouraged our target to drop their pre-conceived notions about the tournament and take a closer look. If they did take a closer look at our frame, they saw all the things that make the tournament fun. We put our frame out on the course and people shared their photos with #wellsfargochamp.

The result? BooneOakley’s two-year task of increasing year-over-year ticket sales by 10% was accomplished in one year with an increase of 17%.

We incorporated The Line’s playful brand personality throughout the site with interactive features such as a homepage day/night toggle (we prefer night), a custom South End hover map and construction time-lapse.